The Council of La Gomera accredits companies offering tourist information

The Council of the island La Gomera has now accredited companies on the island that offer tourist information based on criteria of promotion that gives value to La Gomera as a travel destination. The president of the island, Casimiro Curbelo Curbelo, and the Minister of Tourism, Industry and Commerce, Fernando Mendez Borges, have delivered the hallmark “Tourism Information Points” (PIT) to 10 establishments that were already functioning as information points. During this event, they also presented a catalogue of “Tourist Experiences” at 9 companies participating in the project to create original activities that were developed on the island of La Gomera and are suitable for sale.

The president stressed the importance of this commitment to the island and linked private and public initiative with the goal to provide information spaces that strengthen the tourism sector. According to Curbelo, tourism is the key to creating jobs and  having a hallmark attracts more people, to the benefits of the enterprises. “With this initiative we make sure tourists receive the same information in whatever information point on the island in an orderly and accessible way,” said the president.

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